LIQUI MOLY - Engine Detox


Engineered specifically for high performance engines, or standard vehicles that have exceeded their recommended service intervals, Liqui-Moly’s Engine Detox Treatment is a powerful product which goes to work, cleaning and removing harmful deposits and residue from the motor. Designed to be used as a flushing product to remove attachments during an oil change, Liqui-Moly’s Engine Detox Treatment helps to restore and maintain performance and efficiency whilst ensuring that the fresh oil isn’t contaminated by built up particulate.

Why is this product unique?

This engine cleaning product is not only effective for all engines of any age, but it’s also safe to use, formulated to clean gaskets and seals without damaging the material. At the same time, this product also lowers the viscosity of the oil, decreasing drain time, and assisting to help the free flow of contaminants from the motor. This product is designed to give a truly intensive clean, but due to the nature of oil flush products, it is imperative that instructions are carefully followed during the use of this product, to ensure that all loosened particulates completely exit the engine.

  • 500mL
  • Removes harmful deposits & residues from engine internals
  • Restores engine compression & exhaust characteristics
  • Ideal for engines that have exceeded service intervals
  • Maximises life & performance of motor oil & motor oil treatments